Citrus Sea Salt Collection – $24.00              Buy Now

Consists of 4 amazing citrus salts; Tangerine, Grapefruit, Lemon, and Navel Orange.

These are my favorite salts for cooking seafood, making salads, and for working with pastas.  The heat of the dish opens the flavors of the citrus zest.  While in a salad the crunch brings a zing to the salad when biting into the zest.  They are fun salts to work with.  They are even good on candies.  I use them often.

These make a perfect gift for families, wedding parties, and for office workers.




Herb Sea Salt Collection- $20.00     Buy Now  

A great collection of my favorite herb salts.  They include:

Herbes de Province, the signature spice from France.  Even just a sprinkling of herbes de Provence is enough to transport you to directly to the
French countryside.

Lemon Lavender, one of my favorite combinations.   It is the perfect top salt for a finished dish – sprinkle on roasted chicken, raw salads, sliced
tomatoes, avocados, in olive oil and vinegar with toasted baguettes.

Lemon Thyme, a classic combination of zest and herbs.  Perfect for adding zest to bread crumb toppings for fish, or finishing salt for roasted
vegetables, dips, dressings or rim a glass for a bloody Mary

Grapefruit Tarragon, this is my creation.  It brings together the bitter and zesty flavors which create the perfect finish for almost any dish that
screams for flavor, sea bass, salads, pasta, roasted vegetables.

This is a perfect gift for the gourmet cook or even a cook who wants to add some pizzazz to their cooking.    I love cooking with these four salts.

  • Hot Pepper Salt Gift Box – $20.00      Buy Now  

    This gift box contains four 1.5 oz. hexagonal glass jars, 1 each of:

  • Pink Himalayan Salt with Ghost Peppers
  • Simply Jalapeño Sea Salt
  • Habanero Sea Salt
  • Spicy Tomato Jalapeño Sea Salts.
  •  All are fine grain, good for salt shakers, recipes and finishing salt.   Be very careful with the Habanero and Ghost Pepper salts!! They are VERY HOT!  Use sparingly until you arrive at a heat level you can handle.  Remember that the Ghost Pepper is twice the heat as a Habanero.  These are good for gifts of any occasion or just to treat yourself.


Gourmet Salt Collection – $24.00  Buy Now

This gift box contains four 1.5 oz hexagonal glass jars of Sea Salts to include:

  • – Medium Grain Montalcino Wine, Small Grain
  • – Black Truffle, Fine
  • – Grain Lemon Lavender
  • – Fine Grain Herbs de Provence.
  • Each has unique infused flavor and has its own personality in many dishes. The Medium grain Montalcino and Small grain Black Truffle may be used in recipes or as a finishing salt. The Herbs de Provence and Lemon Lavender also may be used as such, but are also suited for shakers.

These are excellent gifts as a house warming, holiday, birthday or many special occasions. Many foodies will love working with these infused salts.


Black Truffle Oil 8oz – $15.99    Buy Now

Black Truffle Oil is the essential oil for any well-stocked kitchen. Vintage Salts Black Truffle Oil is made with black truffle essence and Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Italy.

Our truffle Oil is very aromatic because of our special process. So, when it comes to our truffle oil, a little bit goes a long way.

This is a big savings over retail because I eliminate the distribution channel costs, it is from my kitchen to yours.




Ghost Pepper Sea Salt  in a Reusable Glass Grinder Bottle  4 oz.  – $12.99                         Buy Now

At some heat to your life with our handmade Ghost Pepper Sea Salt. This salt is made from the famous Bhut Jolokia Pepper, also known as the “Ghost Pepper”. The Ghost pepper is 400 times hotter than the Tabasco Pepper. The Ghost Peppers are from our own gardens and grown without any chemicals or pesticides.

I blend this incredibly spice pepper with Southern Atlantic Sea Salt and create a unique salt which is great to spice up potatoes, eggs, wings, chili and vegetables. And don’t forget to give your Bloody Mary that extra kick. Note, it is too hot to rim the glass.  4 oz.






Grapefruit Sea Salt – Available in Shaker or Grinder Bottle.  4 oz.  –  Starting at $12.99                 Buy Now

Uniquely Vintage Salts! This salt has an amazing sweet citrus aroma that is very characteristic of a fresh Ruby Red Grapefruit. We blend it with Atlantic Sea Salt making it the perfect addition to seafood, shellfish, pasta, chicken and riming the glass of cocktails. Once you try this salt it will become a favorite.

Salt Source: Harvested from the cold waters of the southern Atlantic Ocean off the Southern coast of Brazil. The sea water is naturally filtered and then solar evaporated leaving the beautiful, white salt grains behind. It is all natural with zero additives, allergens, or anti-caking agent.   Ideal for a table salt, natural rim salt for cocktails a great finishing salt.





Pink Himalayan Salt – 4 oz.  Available in Shaker or Grinder Bottle.  4 oz.  –  Starting at $10.99            Buy Now

Himalayan salt is an unrefined, unprocessed raw mineral mined by hand from caves that formed 250 million years ago as ocean salt settled into geological pockets. Today, it’s often considered to be one of the purest forms of salt on the entire planet.

Salt Source: Harvested from ancient sea salt deposits that lie deep beneath the Himalayas, our Himalayan Pink Salt is one of the best mineral salts available. This prehistoric salt is treasured for its clean, upfront salt taste and its extraordinary color. Himalayan Pink Salt is only of the highest quality, is completely organic compliant and is certified kosher by the Orthodox Union.





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