Spring 2018

Spring has sprung and now Summer roars into play with already scorching temperatures and our low country afternoon thunderstorms.

Bandit turned a year old this month and celebrated with a doggy pancake with his breakfast and a new Woody Woodpecker toy!

Don, Bandit and I enjoyed having family visit the second week of this month, while the temperature was in the 80s. I always enjoy spending time with family, especially when they live so far away.

I have some new refreshing recipes to beat the heat.  My Cajun Lobster Pasta recipe was a hit and I served it with a Baby Bib Salad and Raspberry Vinaigrette dressing.  I usually serve Chess pie in the fall or winter, however, I find that Lemon Chess pie is quite refreshing in the summer.  And it helps to top it with a scoop of Vanilla Bean gelato!

The gardens are in full bloom.  We are ready to harvest and dry much of our herbs.  The pepper colors are just beginning to pop.  I chose to grow a Cajun Bell Pepper this year and am anxious for them to mature, since I have never tasted one.  Future review to come.

While everyone is out enjoying the summer sun remember to apply sunscreen and keep your cool!  🙂