Dijon Mustard – Cooking Tips

Dijon Mustard – Cooking Tips

Dijon Mustard is a secret ingredient of so many recipes, it brings a flavor that is hard to describe and easily blends with most dishes but giving them a unique taste.  Chefs in Europe have been using it for years.

Oil and Vinegar Salad Dressings

We all know the primary ingredients begin with oil and vinegar, the next essential ingredient is Dijon Mustard. It not only thickens the dressing but also helps incorporate the oil and vinegar. Then add your herbs and spices. It also helps manage the bitterness of escarole or friseé.

Potato Salad Dressing

Instead of using yellow mustard, try it on your standard potato salad recipe and sprinkle on some fresh herbs.

Use it in Marinades

Want your marinade on the earthy side? Make a puree of garlic, herbs, wine, and some Dijon Mustard. It will tenderize tougher cuts of meat like lamb leg or flank steak.

Dijon Rub

Making a rub of Dijon Mustard for pork Roast is amazing. When cooked it forms forms a thick coat of sweet and sharp flavors over the roast that cracks under a fork and knife. It looks great and tastes even better. You can also try this on chicken and lamb.

Give Mussels a Punch

One of my favorite things about a pot of mussels is the butter broth. When I add tablespoon mustard to the stock pot as the broth simmers gives it some extra depth.  It makes dipping with French Bread even better.

Give a Casserole A Lift

For heavier casserole dishes like macaroni and cheese or a gratin, Dijon mustard adds some extra heat and creaminess.

Use it in a Bloody Mary (see my Recipe)

You will be amazed at what Dijon Mustard will do to a Bloody Mary. It takes it up a notch and you will love the flavor.

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