About Me

From when I was a young girl I loved spending time in the kitchen cooking with my mother. I enjoyed fresh flavors from our garden and the spices she used to bring out the best in our family recipes.

As the years passed the spices became mass produced and I missed the flavors and excitement and character they bring to my dishes. I tried flavored salts but the aroma and flavors were disappointing. So, I began experimenting with a variety of infused flavors to my salts. I choose to use the best quality sea salts from around the world and the freshest ingredients to infuse.

I use freshly dried herbs, citrus and peppers. I use salt that is completely natural and additive free, making the natural, ideal, and wholesome replacement for your everyday table, ingredient and finishing salts.

I hand make every container of the herbed and infused salts at Vintage Salts.

Once you try them you will immediately taste the difference between other salts and my handmade salts with fresh dried ingredients.