March 2018

March 24

Well, Don and I laid 1 and 1/2 pallets of sod yesterday, the “expert said it should take an hour, it took is 3 and a half, we had 4 locations so we had a lot of hauling to do.  It took 2 days to prep the area, but it looks great.  We are almost done with the garden work.  The hydrangeas are beginning to form blooms  and we have loads of fruit budding on the tangerine trees.  I am so excited about having fruit from the tangerine, and our first crop of Meyers lemons and from our Grapefruit trees.  Don’s Peppers are looking good, about 5” tall now.

Looks like a great growing season we are in the 70’s most of the days now.


March 17

Things are beginning to look like spring, I have a busy week or two ahead in the garden.  I am focusing on perennials this year, although not as colorful as annuals, I eliminate the replanting year after year.  So I am planning some which bloom in the spring and some which bloom in the late fall and summer.  I also decided no bulbs, the last two seasons turned into a feast for the squirrels.   Lastly some evergreen shrubs to replace those we lost from the snow and frost.

Low and behold, after the long awaited shipment from the Michigan Bulb company, they shipped the wrong plants, they shipped bulbs!  when I called them they said, keep them and they would reship to me in 3 weeks the correct plants.  So, I ended up with bulbs, 100 of them to be exact, so we give them another try, ha-ha.  This time I hope I get more flowers.    I will also be cooking some great dishes to celebrate the spring and I will post the recipes.

March 7

March came in like a lamb in Savannah. We have mild temperatures, and very little rain.  The citrus trees are full of blooms, so we are hoping for a great crop of tangerines, lemons and grapefruits.

It looks like the winter got the best of the peppers, with the snow and prolonged freezing, so we will have new pepper plants this year; Don’s seeds have already sprouted and the seedlings look great for planting this month. So, in 90 days we should have fresh peppers.

We are about 10 days away from strawberry season and I am excited about putting together some strawberry dishes for the warm spring days. I will be posting the recipes.

Here in Savannah, in the late spring we get so many vegetables at the local farms, it is so wonderful. What I can’t grow, I source from local farms that use sustainable and organic farming methods.

I would love to see what recipes you are making for Easter and this spring.