February 2018

Feb 26

What a busy month February turned out to be.   We just finished all the basic spring lawn work and the beds.  Planted strawberries and some new hydrangeas and some Colossal Blue Hosta for the shady area of the yard.   Now we have some sodding and the mulching to do.  Don did borders for all the beds and a French drain to deal with a wet area.  so, like I said it has been a busy month.  I am busy planning my recipes for the year, if you have any suggestions, please send me an email at saltgirl@vintagesalts.com.   Talk to you in March.

Feb 5

Well the Eagles did the impossible and won the Super bowl, Congratulations to them.  So, I decided to post a recipe that is uniquely Philadelphia, Soft Pretzels.  Check it out!

Feb 2

Today, many things are celebrated in the month of February. As a little girl it was the month of love due to Valentine’s Day falling in the middle of the month.

At school we made Valentine cards out of colorful construction papers, heart shaped candies, glue and glitter to give to our parents and classmates. A tradition that I hope still exists today.

Sharing little heart candies with my friends and saving the ones that said “Be Mine” for that special friend.

I was always excited to get home and see what flowers my daddy gave my mother. It was truly a special time.

My husband makes every day special but always gives me beautiful roses, special chocolates and a poem on Valentine’s Day. He has done this for 30 years.  Several years ago we decided to stay home and prepare a romantic dinner together and share a special bottle of wine.

This year we will prepare baked lobster tails with drawn butter, using the recipe listed on this site. We will also make Jasmine rice and Garlic Lemon Brussels Sprouts.  I will post the Brussels sprout recipe soon.

Our puppy, Bandit, will be sharing this Valentine’s Day with us and we will all end the evening with a movie. Don and I will have a piece of Cheesecake (recipe on my blog) and a cup of Charleston Pecan coffee and Bandit, our toy poodle, will have a special doggy treat!