Sea Salt

Before I started my business I started researching and experimenting with salt. I found that salt absorbs both water and air according to and So, i decided to check out the health of out oceans. Yikes!!

My first instinct was to avoid Salt which came from polluted waters. According to The Daily catch the most polluted oceans/seas in the world are: Gulf of Mexico, North Atlantic, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, Baltic Sea and the Caribbean Ocean.

I started looking on the shelves of the grocery and big box stores and I found a lot of Sea Salt was from the Mediterranean Sea. According to The United Nations Environment Program, there is 650 million tons of sewage and a combined 230,000 tons of mineral oil, mercury, lead and phosphates dumped into the Mediterranean Sea each year. It is considered to be the most polluted sea in the world. I threw out the Mediterranean Sea Salt I had in my pantry.

So, I launched my business using Salt from three areas of the world.

South Atlantic: Harvested from the purest saltwater from the Atlantic Ocean, this sea salt the way nature intended—natural, clean and fresh. Brought in from off the coast of Brazil, seawater is naturally filtered and then solar evaporated, leaving the beautiful, white salt grains behind. The crisp, clean-tasting grains are completely natural and additive-free.

Southern Ocean:  The Southern Ocean, also known as the Antarctic Ocean or the Austral Ocean,  comprises the southernmost waters of the World Ocean, generally taken to be south of 60° S latitude and encircling Antarctica at the bottom of the world.   This ocean surrounds the icy coast of Antarctica which results in currents of some of the coldest, saltiest water in the world. This frigid, highly saline ocean water produces some of the cleanest, purest sea salt available. It is my favorite sea salt and has the cleanest taste.

Himalayan Pink Salt: Harvested from ancient sea salt deposits that lie deep beneath the Himalayas, our Himalayan Pink Salt is one of the best mineral salts available. Protected from the ages by the breathtaking mountains in Pakistan, the crystalized sea salt that was once a prehistoric ocean over 250 million years ago.

I also use home or local farm grown and dried ingredients in my handmade salts. My wine salts are made from some of my favorite wines from my cellar,

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