May 2018

Memorial Day weekend is here!  As we begin to celebrate this weekend, we also pause to pay our respects to those who served our country.  Both Don and my family are rich in military and public service and have served in every armed conflict our country has faced.  We are proud of our heritage and the service and sacrifice the have made over the years.

So we celebrate with memories, fireworks and food!  It is the way of the world.  I am posting one of our favorite recipes for ribs, we are both fans of dry style St. Louis style ribs and I will be posting my mothers potato salad recipe.  I hope you try and enjoy them.  Happy Memorial Day and We want to thank all of you for your contributions to our country.

Spring became summer quickly here.  We spent a day in Charleston, SC this past week.  It was lovely to have lunch dockside on Shem Creek.  Lunch was exceptional at The Waters Edge, the local fish was wonderful.  Oysters on the half shell were very good and well prepared.  I had fresh grilled shrimp on a spinach salad and Don had local flounder.

Out gardens are waking up.  The Irises are in full bloom and look so beautiful.  The glads and calla lillies are just peeking out of the ground.  I just finished planting the Pennsylvania Sedge.  It is such a wonderful grass with a vibrant green color.

Don’s peppers are coming along, and with the 80 degree days the grass is finally turning a rich green.  Keeping with our organic and natural gardening practices, we sprayed nematodes on the lawn and gardens.  Nematodes reduce the number of insects, including mosquitos.   You can actually work in the yard with little or no bites, Yeah!  The city trapped the beavers behind our back yard. So, we only lost two mature pines, which provided shade and privacy.  We planted some new trees to replace them, but it will be a while to reap the benefits.

I am putting together some great recipes to showcase the fresh fish and early vegetables.  Keep an eye out for them.