September 2017

September 2017

August was a busy month for us and the country; two catastrophic hurricanes and wild fires in the west. Like many of you my attention was very much on those events and the people affected.  We only felt the outer winds and rain from Irma with some flooding. Not nearly what our friends in Jacksonville had to deal with or our son and his family dealt with in Tampa. At times like these, we realize how delicate life can be.

Now we are in the clean up and recovery stages, we continue to provide all the support we can.

My recipes I plan for this month include biscotti cookies and banana nut bread, which is a very old family recipe. Another that I consider part of the heirloom collection.  I hope some of you send me some of your family recipes that you consider to be heirloom recipes, I would love to include them and give you and your family credit. Don’t forget to send a picture of your finished product to

Don’s pepper plants survived the storms and are producing well.

Happy Birthday to all those born in September. We celebrated my birthday with a lobster dinner at a table with a vase of two dozen long-stem white roses from Don.

Happy Cooking