My Diary August 2017

I have been so busy with the harvest of my garden, creating new recipes and our new puppy Bandit. Here is an update on those items.

Our garden is brimming with herbs, the German Oregano and basil gave me bumper crops; so lots of drying. I always grew basil from established organic plants, but this year we decided to try non GMO seed. I was amazed at the results and the robust flavors.

As far as Don’s peppers, the Habanero, Ghost and Carolina Reapers were bountiful and gave us lots of fresh and dried peppers and plenty of seeds for next season. We sell his peppers on Etsy, click on the “shop” link. We use sustainable and organic growing practices on all our gardens.

The new recipes I am posting are exciting. Chicken Adobo is an exciting and spicy dish served in most countries that were Spanish colonies. The shrimp and radish salad is a traditional Georgia salad which dates back to the early 1800s, it is wonderful, I hope you try it. My Blue Cheese soufflé is one of my family favorites, great as a dessert or brunch dish.

I have also created a special Culinary Salt blend designed for cooking. Two flavors, Habanero and Ghost Pepper, they are being tested by an award winning Chef. I am looking forward to her feedback. She loves my Jalapeño Sea Salt and uses it in her classes.

Now, for our new 11 week old puppy Bandit. He is a whopping 3.5 pound toy poodle. He is referred to as a “Parti” or multi colored. He is white and has brown ears and patches over his eyes. He is so cute, and head strong. He knows some commands like sit, stay, down, and come. He also has selective hearing.

Until next time.

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