My Diary

My Diary

December 11

We are halfway through the holidays. The leaves are mostly gone and the fresh herbs and peppers have come to an end here in Georgia.  So, for the next 5 months we will rely on the peppers and herbs we have dried through the summer and fall.

We are busily planting several varieties of pepper seeds in our green house, so we will have strong seedlings after the last frost to plant. You can order them through our blog website under products.

The holidays are always an exciting time for cooking. I have a new cheesecake recipe in the works and I will be planning several holiday dinners.  It is an especially exciting time for Don and I, we celebrate Christmas, New Years, Don’s Birthday and this year our 30th anniversary all within 9 days.

I put together several salt gift collections this year on the web site that can be a gift for your friends who love cooking or yourself.  I even put together one with Truffle oil.  I love using Truffle oil for finishing dishes.  I am writing a post that discusses ways to use it to make your dishes pop.

I will be posting some special recipes … Keep an eye out. Talk to you next week. ~ Salt Girl


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