My Diary

My Diary

September was a busy month. It was the peak harvest for my peppers and herbs.  So, I have been drying them for the cooler months.  I was amazed by the growth of the sage and I am looking forward to using it during the holiday season.

There are several new recipes I have posted and look forward to your feedback. The Apple Pancakes are simple and delicious to serve – add a dollop of whipped cream.  My niece texts me and said she loves the Jalapeño Salt on Eggs.  So does Don and he like that he uses less salt because of the spice ~ a win-win.

I added a section on cooking hints and tips at the request of our bloggers. You can give me direct feedback via email at  I want this blog to be a community site with your comments and recipes too.

An award winning chef will be using our Jalapeño and Ghost Pepper Salts in a major competition at the end of October. She is an excellent Chef and a friend.

My Baked Cheesecake is coming!

Happy Cooking


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